Metropolitan Cities During 24 Hours

When a moment is gone in a flash it is much easier to value it more

From Eclipse to Enlightenment
Do you ever wonder how would a city that moves look on a photograph captured in a single moment? It is almost impossible to imagine so. What most people actually appreciate in a photo is just its evanescence. When a moment is gone in a flash it is much easier to value it more. This is why many photographers strive to bring many moments together and create time-lapse sequences.

If you love time-lapse photographs, you will adore Stephen Wilkes work. Stephen is widely acclaimed American photographer, now living in Westport, Connecticut, abundantly awarded, represented by many galleries and featured in many world magazines and museums. He was born in New York, where he opened his first studio.

These transient photos are not a time lapse or videos. They are something quite different – panoramas of metropolitans transcending in shape and light to mark the movement of the sun from one day to the next. They actually look like a solar eclipse happens just in the moment of taking the photo.


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