Thula the Therapy Cat helps a 5-Year Old Autistic Girl

It is obvious the cat truly loves the little girl

Best Friendship Ever
Sometimes, we think we know everything. However, when the truth surprises us in a wonderful way, we don’t mind the new lesson at all. Thula the cat is from the breed Maine Coon famous for being an intelligent animal and, by looking the way in she helps Iris, she certainly stands up to the reputation. Iris Carter Johnson is an autistic girl, who, as often is the case, is a great kid with amazing painting skills, but still needs assistance in communicating.

Thula was not trained as a therapy animal, and Iris’ family first thought of getting a trained horse or a dog to be her communicating companion. It turned out the search for a therapeutic animal was not that easy, but when the family almost gave up, they found out that Iris connects with cats. And Thula was the best therapist in this case. She wants to do everything together with Iris: play, sleep, travel and eat, and she even helped her speak. It is obvious the cat truly loves the little girl. It’s amazing – what can we say, save your therapist money and get a cat instead!


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