Airbnb offers a night of sleeping with the sharks

The underwater bedroom is located at France's Aquarium de Paris

A night submerged in a shark tank
We've all heard of monsters under the bed, but what about sharks? As its latest stunt, the likes of which have previously seen it offer a night in a floating house, Airbnb is offering the chance for three people, each with a friend or partner, to spend a night submerged in a shark tank.

Though this is said to be the first time an underwater bedroom has been listed (of sorts) on Airbnb, we've seen underwater rooms make a splash elsewhere previously. The Manta Resort off the coast of Tanzania offers underwater sleeping quarters, for example, while the Maldives' Hurawalhi Island Resort and Spa will soon open with the "world's largest" underwater restaurant that will double as a honeymoon suite.

Located at France's Aquarium de Paris, the underwater bedroom is submerged 10 m (33 ft) deep in 3 million liters (660,000 gal) of water. It has a circular design with floor-to-ceiling windows held in place by a frame, effectively creating a 360-degree transparent wall, which will be all that separates guests from the 35 sharks in the tank.

The room was designed specifically for the aquarium and construction of it began around a year ago. The architect and builders worked closely with aquarium staff, including the head of the animal welfare, to ensure its safety for both the guests and the sharks. Airbnb says the room was "tested extensively" in the Mediterranean Sea before being installed in the shark tank.
Airbnb does offer up some stipulations for winners. Firstly, each winner and their guest must weigh no more than 190 kg (418 lb) combined, and they must not take photos after dark due to sharks being sensitive to light. Among the rest of the guidance provided is advice not to "eat the chum," to keep heads
and feet in the bedroom at all times and not to sleepwalk, go night swimming or dive in.

Already in place in place, allowing the sharks time to acclimatize to it, the bedroom will remain after the guests have left. It will serve as a place from which the sharks can be studied and will allow for the observation of more natural shark behaviour by reducing the number of observational dives required.

For the chance to spend night in the underwater bedroom, individuals must enter a competition, telling Airbnb a little about themselves and and why they "belong with the sharks for a night." The winners will be welcomed by world record-breaking freediver, underwater photographer and shark conservationist Fred Buyle, provided with a guided tour of the aquarium and have a tank-side meal for two.

Winners will be hosted on the nights of April 11th, 12th and 13th.


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