Travel Around the World With This Dreamlike Off-the-Grid Wooden House

It is as cute and gorgeous as it is practical and mobile

Fairytale cabin house
As the nomadic lifestyle becomes increasingly trendy, clever architects and constructors come with new lovely and practical ideas of taking your living place everywhere you go. Just look at this fairytale cabin house called ‘The Moon Dragon’ that can be pulled by a one-ton pick-up! It is as cute and gorgeous as it is practical and mobile.

This tiny house on wheels constructed by Abel Zimmerman Zyl of Zyl Vardos has a master bedroom on the top and all other house amenities on the ground. The practical mobile home is 13.1 feet high, 9 feet long, and 24 feet wide, making it both cozy and wheels-functional at the same time. House estimated price is $96,000 which is quite acceptable, having in mind that it comes with its own self-sufficient solar kit. Equipped with a wood stove, an energy-efficient fridge, a washing machine and a composting toilet, you only need to think of the vehicle.



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