Vanguard Artist Paints Celebrities with Lipstick Kisses

Let us introduce you to something completely different

Fingerpainting is so last century!
Natalie Irish is not Irish, she is from Houston, Texas, and was promising and talented even as a child artist. She won almost all local art competitions as young as five, and later completed art education at the University of North Texas. She enrolled to study metalsmithing and ceramics but her future showed something else. Natalie started painting with lipstick, and not only using it with her hands. Instead, she kisses he canvases with hundreds or thousands of kisses to create the image she has in mind. Her wizardry is evident in the celebrity portraits: Marilyn, Amy, Kurt, Jimmy, Audrey and many others are painted with striking resemblance – to make you wonder how she does it – and with her lips!

“I love the general theme of taking an everyday item and using it in a way it was not intended. Mixing materials that have very different properties is always exciting,” she says.

Lip-kissed celebrity portraits await you.


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