Bubbly Jelly Lollipops With Real Flowers for Kids and Grown-up Parties

Flower looking as colorful and shapely as when it was picked up

Two-in-one lollipops
No need to wonder what to bring as a gift next time you have to choose between flowers and candies. Sugar Bakers Bakery facilitates the task by creating two-in-one lollipops with real flowers inside. This genius idea is awesome. Sugar is a great preservative and keeps the flower looking as colorful and shapely as when it was picked up.

The bakery makes liquor candy and candied roses, sugar cubes and strawberry shortcakes, and can follow your wishes to create a cool and nicely wrapped gifts. It is up to you to choose among the lemonade or whiskey candies, champagne, caramel or chocolate covered deliciousness and have fun with your kids or, why not – at a grown up party? The creators are using organic, GMO-free products as ingredients. There is nothing more organic than real flowers. We are not sure that you can eat them, but you can definitely enjoy their looks. What’s not to like?


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