Incredibly Gifted Artist Draws Amazing Pencil Portraits

You do not need photographs anymore

Super-realistic images
When someone is so talented at young age, we can only imagine what comes next. Cleison Magalhaes uses a palette of colorful drawing pencils to create super-realistic images of cartoon, movie or real characters with stunning precision. By looking at his photos, you may think that you do not need photographs anymore – just ask Cleison to draw you a portrait. It will probably be an expensive one, if you are ready to pay the price. If you follow his Facebook page or his YouTube channel you will notice the process of the drawing coming into life, which is actually the best part of everything – how lines and shadows turn into real persons. Just look at his exceptional skills here and prepare to be dumbfounded!

Justin Bieber in progress

Cleison’s tools

Harry Potter in progress

Jared Leto

The Incredible Hulk by the incredible Cleison

Jeff Bridges in detailed progress

Katnis Everdeen, Hunger Games

Terminator in progress

Hercules (The Rock) in progress


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