22 Things That Instantly Make A Woman Way Sexier

Start swatting away the influx of excess suitors like flies

No man will be able to resist you
There are things that can boost a girl’s sexy factor – and most of them aren’t even physical! If you can do these 22 things, no man will be able to resist you, and you’ll have to start swatting away the influx of excess suitors like flies.

1. Being honest about sex and being a grown up about it – a girl that’s straightforward about what she wants in bed and doesn’t giggle about it.

2. A woman who is elegant- in her style and in her manner. She dresses sexily, while still being classy and leaving something to the imagination. And a classy attitude to match.

3. A woman who has some real intelligence to her. When girls dumb themselves down, it’s really unattractive. But a smart girl will have a guy’s heart – a girl that plays dumb will get a purse at most.

4. When she holds off on sex for a little. The three or four date rule is a good one – you might think holding out is the opposite of sexy, but it makes a guy want you more, and makes him realize that you take this seriously – you’re not just the ‘fling’ girl.

5. When a girl is funny, and is able to take a joke! Girls that can handle pranks or jokes are ones you can be best friends with as well as a romantic partner. Ladies without a sense of humor…even supermodels are lackluster without a good funnybone.

6. The ability to be vulnerable without being too sensitive or fragile. While being over-sensitive and moody is definitely a deal-breaker, the ability to be vulnerable and open up to a man is one of the best building blocks to intimacy and getting closer.

7. A woman who has a good adventurous streak. A lady who can let her hair down and go on adventures with you will allow for more bonding experiences, and shows that she’s down to get out of her comfort zone, which is always a good quality.

8. Also, hand-in-hand with the adventurous streak, being athletic and into fitness. A healthy girl means a healthy future together, and there’s nothing more depressing than watching your significant other live off a diet of Doritos. A healthy girl glows from the inside out, and you guys can workout together.

9. When she can rock a pair of glasses well. It brings on the sexy secretary look and is very sexy with your hair out and flowing.

10. Confidence and self respect – a sexy woman hasn’t been treated like a doormat because she demands respect. And if she has, she’s kicked that buster to the curb to make room for a man who actually deserves her. Now that’s hot.

11. Being a good storyteller. Girls that talk about boring stuff or only talk about themselves suck – it makes for a pretty boring person. A girl with good stories shows that she’s not boring at all.

12. If you can order a man’s drink and carrying it well. A woman who can order a good whiskey drink or a well-reputed beer is much sexier than a woman who orders a complicated 42-flavor sex on the beach drink.

13. A genuine smile! Too often, girls smile and laugh in a fake way at their guy’s jokes or at situations – which makes people think you have a stick up your butt or not a real personality. A genuine smile shows confidence, and that she’s proud of herself. And it’s the most gorgeous smile to make a man fall in love with you.

14. Being genuinely happy. Happy people are fun to be around. People who are faking happiness or depriving themselves aren’t.

15. Being playful, and not taking self too seriously. This shows that she’s not obsessed with herself and her image – she can have a good time without being self-conscious.

16. Being as confident with makeup as you are without makeup. Natural beauty is so irresistible.

17. When she wears a guy’s button down. There’s something so hot about a girl drowning in her bae’s size Large white work shirt.

18. A girl that shares her feelings. Nobody likes a moody silent girl that makes guys play guessing games. This openness is a huge turn-on!

19. When she doesn’t smoke. A girl that smokes is a huge turn-off to a dude.

20. Not talking about your ex is a turn on because it’s so unattractive when girls delve into their past and make a guy feel like they’re one of many, and that their relationship also has an expiration date. If you don’t talk about the other dudes, your current one will feel much more special, and notice it.

21. Letting a guy take the lead – sometimes! Not being a control freak doesn’t maker her indecisive or weak, it’s about complimenting each other, balance, and not letting him feel emasculated.

22. But also – being a girl who’s willing to bend the rules a little bit. She’s not insane, and she still respects them, but she can throw them out the window for a notorious weekend together – this partner in crime quality is super sexy to guys.


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