17 Dirty Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend Tonight

Make eyes at him from across the room

Use a few simple words
If you want to turn your man on, you don't have to walk around the house in your lingerie or make eyes at him from across the room.

Instead of using your body, you can use a few simple words.

What are they?

Well, here are a few dirty questions that you can try asking your boyfriend tonight:

1. What do You Want Me to do to You?

Men like to have control. This will give him the illusion of it.

2. Where do You Want to Have Sex?

Let him make the decision. Just give him some options, like the bed or the living room or the kitchen.

3. What Are You Wearing?

This is usually something that men ask women, but it can work the other way around.

4. What’s Your Favorite Form of Foreplay?

As soon as he answers the question, you can start doing whatever activity it is that he answered with.

5. Are You Going to Check Me out when I Walk Away?

Basically, this is telling him that he should definitely check you out when you walk away.

6. What Am I Best at in the Bedroom?

This will do more than turn him on. It'll also raise your confidence.

7. Do You Want to Watch Me Masturbate?

Men like to see women touch themselves. It's like watching a beautiful creature in its natural habitat.

8. What’s Your Favorite Part of My Body?

Make him describe it in detail, so he ends up turning himself on just by talking about you.

9. What Was the Best Sex You’ve Ever Had with Me?

If he thinks back to a sexy memory he shared with you, then he's definitely going to get turned on. Then it'll be time for you two to recreate that memory.

10. Do You Want to Have Phone Sex?

If you're not in the same room as him, this is a great idea. You can talk dirty from miles away.

11. What’s Your Kink?

If you don't know what he fantasizes about when you're not around, ask him. Then you can turn his dreams into a reality.

12. What’s the Dirtiest Thing You Can Imagine Doing to Me?

Keep an open mind. Some men have even dirtier minds than you could ever imagine.

13. What Kind of Lingerie Should I Buy?

Show him a catalog filled with sexy clothing. He'll be happy to pick something out for you. He might even pay for it himself!

14. Do You Want to Help Undress Me?

There's no way he's going to turn down this offer.

15. Are You Going to Initiate Sex or Am I?

He'll be turned on as soon as these words leave your mouth. After all, it means that he's about to have sex with the most beautiful woman he knows.

16. What’s Your Favorite Sex Position?

Once he tells you, you can get right into that position.

17. Do You Want to Join Me in the Shower?

The next time you head into the bathroom, ask him if he wants to join you in the bath. You can soap each other up and then have shower sex!

Now you'll be able to turn your man on, just by asking him a simple question.


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