17 Signs That He's Secretly an Emotional Cheater

Look out for the signs girls!

How hurtful is that?
Emotional cheating is definitely one of the worst types of cheating out there.

It might not be physical and no, he might not be having sex with someone, but his emotions are wrapped up in someone else.

How hurtful is that?

If you think that your man is wrapped up in someone else, take a look below and look out for the signs girls!

1. All the Random Text Messages

He is probably getting all kinds of text messages from all kinds of girls – or maybe just one girl over and over again. If he won't show you even a smidge of your texts, it isn't a good sign.

2. Ditto with Facebook Messages

Seriously. Facebook is exactly the same as text messages.

3. Emotionally Withdrawn from You

Does he not even care if you are in the room? All of his emotions are a complete mystery? It could be a sign.

4. Attention is Always Somewhere else

On his phone, on his computer, at work – everywhere but you.

5. He Spends More Time on His Computer/phone than with You

Which leads me right into this, his attention is always on his computer or his phone. Hell, you can't even get through dinner without him being on his phone.

6. Sex Drive Isn't What It Used to Be

I.E; he doesn't want sex, at all.

7. You Can't Touch His Electronics … Ever

My wife and I have an extremely open relationship with our electronics, she has access to everything I have – do you have that with your boy?

8. You Notice His Passwords Were Changed

Not that you would log in all the time – but the last time you did, you knew the password. Now they are all changed.

9. Your Gut is Telling You Something is Wrong

Always, always listen to your gut.

10. He Constantly Clears His Browsing History

His browsing history can unlock a lot of secrets – unless he clears it all the time.

11. Lots of Phone Calls from Unknown Numbers

Maybe he has made them unknown on purpose – or at least you can't recognize any of the numbers he is now getting phone calls from.

12. Moodiness is Key

This is always a key for any cheater – he suddenly is moody all of the time.

13. He Reacts Differently to You – Snippy and Edgy

This goes hand-in-hand with moody, he is snippy, he is edgy, he is constantly snapping at you. Not fun for either of you for sure.

14. He Starts to Pick Fights with You

Or, maybe he just starts to pick fights with you constantly.

15. He Has a Look of Guilt on Him

There is something about him, some type of look that means he is guilty.

16. He Doesn't Really Engage with You – No Date Nights and No Conversation

You used to have a date night, you used to have fun together, you used to talk – none of that is happening anymore.

17. If Your Gut is Telling You He's Cheating … He is

Seriously ladies, listen to your gut. Do a gut check – is something off? Talk to him about it!


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