New BMW Vision Exterior Exudes Warmth and Power

To satisfy lovers of sporty cars

BMW AG’s exterior design
Everything you would expect from a cool futuristic sedan with a sporty edge is combined in this vehicle. The new BMW Vision was designed by BMW AG’s exterior design specialist Seungmo Lim who works for the auto-giant in Munich. The size of the elegant sedan is made to satisfy lovers of sporty cars as the copper-colored coupe is 4.90 meters long and 1.37 meters high. Compact on the outside, the interior is as large and as luxurious to suit BMW sedans.

BMW’s main intention for the exterior design of future vehicles is to include warmth and technical power. This is why the design expert chose a warm color with copper undertones and glossy finish put on a compact vehicle with smooth lines and intelligent sensor technologies. Enjoy in the beauty of this powerful automobile below.



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