The Difference between Sex and Making Love

These terms don't mean exactly the same thing

Terms used to describe intercourse
There are plenty of terms used to describe intercourse. "Having sex" and "making love" are the most common, but they don't mean exactly the same thing. One is more meaningful than the other. If you've ever had questions about those phrases, here are the main differences between having sex and making love:

1. The Way He Looks at You

When you have sex with someone, you might not look them in the eyes, because you'll be too busy admiring their chest and abs. If that's the case, you'll be more interested in each other's bodies than each other's souls. However, when you make love, you'll gaze into each other's eyes, because you'll want more than a physical connection. You'll want to create an emotional connection, as well.

2. The Pace

When you have sex with someone, everything can feel rushed. You'll want to tear each other's clothes off without thinking things through, because you can't wait to feel each other's skin. However, when you make love, you'll take things a little slower, because you'll enjoy the moments before intercourse as much as the moments during intercourse. You'll engage in foreplay to make sure that the moment feels right before moving on to the next step.

3. The Way He Kisses You

Pay close attention to the way that your man kisses you during intercourse. If he's mostly using tongue, then you're probably having sex. However, if he gives you tender kisses on your forehead and cheeks, then you're probably making love.

4. The Way He Talks to You

If you're talking dirty and growling out words, then you're having sex. If
you're talking softly and going on about how much you love one another, then you're making love. The words you use and the tone you use can tell you a lot about what type of intercourse you're having.

5. The Way He Touches You

Instead of paying attention to where he's touching you, you should pay attention to the way that he touches you. If he's being rough, then you're having sex. But if he's being gentle and admiring every inch of your skin, then you're making love.

6. Your Relationship Status

If you're having a one-night stand or sleeping with your friends with benefits, then you're probably having sex. Why? Because your goal is to keep things casual. Meanwhile, if you're in a serious relationship with someone you genuinely care about, then you've probably been making love more often than having sex.

7. How You Feel about Each Other

You can have sex with someone you're in love with, and you could make love to someone you're supposed to be in a casual relationship with.


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